The PBOffice product stands for Private Banking Office and is designed as an information and administrative system for sales structures in the financial world. PBOffice is aimed at Financial Advisors, Network Managers and the BackOffice. Functionality can be activated individually thanks to the modular structure of the system.

Front office consultants

The platform allows the Consultant to

The various processes produce the forms with the possibility of

Automated process

After confirmation by the promoter, the data is visible to the office in real time, it is not necessary to send documents. The office accepts/rejects the proposal, the outcome is visible in real time on the Front side.


The FrontEnd for the Consultant is available on Tablet or Laptop/PC. Of course, the solution can also be used at branch level or on site.


Customer Relationship Management means Management of the relationship with the customer, it is therefore a matter of integrating all the customer information that comes from the different modules to better support the Financial Advisor’s activity:


Implementation of the European conduct directive for financial markets for the protection of savers (appropriateness/adequacy of recommended products) and the distributor.

Through customer profiling (compilation of questionnaire) and product classification, the system carries out checks and notifies/blocks the investment.

Headquarters module

The headquarters module is designed to


Creation of various forms directly from the PBOffice system;

Online signature collection with Graphometric Signature or Digital Signature verification

Document management in electronic format (promoter, customer office) = towards a “NO MORE PAPER” solution;

Archiving and substitute conservation with contextual availability of documents in the system.


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