About Us

Our vision

We create value for our customers through innovation. We are the financial market benchmark for dealer/brokers, asset managers and Banks, because we provide the advanced platform for the modern finance.

Our mission

Daxtor Srl’s mission is to support our customers in creating value, targeted solutions and competitive advantage.

Our values

Our values are expressed in putting people at the center with their characteristics, peculiarities and skills. An “happy” and motivated team is able to achieve extraordinary results, and extraordinary results is the key ingredient for our customers’ satisfaction.

Our history

DAXTOR, since its foundation in 1984, then under the name E.D.P. SERVICE S.R.L., has been a leader in providing information solutions and systems in a wide range of sectors, with a special focus on Insurance, Banking and Finance platforms.

DAXTOR S.R.L was founded in 2002 to provide solutions for the financial world, in January 2020, E.D.P. SERVICE S.R.L. wishes to join the DAXTOR S.R.L. family, thus consolidating its position in the market.

DAXTOR S.R.L., is proud to incorporate the quality, experience and strength inherited from the E.D.P group. SERVICE S.R.L., as an integral part of its strategy.

In this way, in 2014, it became a prominent part of BEST VISION GROUP, DAXTOR S.R.L., expanded its geographical presence and extended its offices to Milan, Florence and Rome and expanded its service offering. With this evolution, its cutting-edge product, PBOffice, is strengthened, a product that has contributed in a good way to the birth of the innovative BANQPRO Banking Systems Suite.

Today in 2023 BANQPRO is the excellence of Banking Systems strengthened and consolidated in the international market.

The Daxtor Team

The Daxtor team is the reason behind our excellence in the development, maintenance and support of our banking services. They are passionate experts, dedicated to raising the quality and efficiency of banking around the world.

When you choose Daxtor, you choose a high-caliber team committed to your success. We are here to propel you forward and make sure you reach the top of the financial world.

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