Voluntary Disclosure

Best Vision has developed a service exceptionally adapted to facilitate the repatriation of capital abroad, as required by Voluntary Disclosure legislation.

Our software platform, Best VD for Voluntary Declaration, is a tool that has demonstrated its effectiveness during the first opportunity for repatriation of stable capital by Ley 186/2014. It is designed with professionals in mind such as accountants, abogados and other experts, where customers opt to regularize their activities abroad.

Both banks and professional teams have adopted Best VD with great success, with more than 2,000 expedients managed in 2015. You can test their characteristics directly or request full assistance for the management of the expedientes, which greatly facilitates the repatriation process of capitals.

Best VD, with a graphical data entry interface, is completely accessible via the web and does not require any installation on the PC or other specific technologies.

The main features of our system include

Versatility in data ingestion

You can enter data directly into the platform or use pre-formed Excel tools to import it quickly and conveniently.

Ease of use

The system is designed to be intuitive and can be used directly by users. Alternatively, we offer a full channel management assistance service for those who prefer professional support.

Active Consistency Controls

The platform has active controls that verify the consistency of the data entered, including the verification of balances and the reconciliation of security positions, to guarantee the accuracy of the information.

Analytical Calculation Method

The system applies the analytical calculation method provided for by the Voluntary Declaration legislation, ensuring compliance with legal provisions.

Generation of Results

Automatically generates all control and tax results required by legislation, simplifying the declaration and verification process.

Integrated Title Registry

Integrated with the title registry through the use of information providers Telekurs, which facilitates the entry and management of information related to titles.

Regulatory Compliance

The system is constantly updated to comply with current regulations, guaranteeing continuous compliance with tax laws.

Maintenance of Historical Data

Preserves the historical data of third parties, allowing the reconstruction of entries from previous years not declared to the Tax Agency.

These features combine efficiency, precision and regulatory compliance to facilitate the process of declaring and regularizing capital abroad.

Receipt of documents

data entry

Report production

consistency checks

sending reports

Input documentation

Output documentation

The Platform allows the creation of annual tax reporting, not only for customers who have signed up to Voluntary Disclosure, but also for all those who need adequate tax reporting.

How to use the solution

Direct use

Management support

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