The most complete, secure and adaptable banking platform in the palm of your hands.

The PBOffice product stands for Private Banking Office and is designed as an information and administrative system for sales structures in the financial world.

American Tax QI | Best IRS

To meet the needs of reconciliation and reporting of income from US sources.

Voluntary Disclosure | Best VD

Adapted to facilitate the repatriation of capital abroad, as required by Voluntary Disclosure legislation.


Daxtor: Undisputed Leader in Next Generation Banking Platforms

In the universe of finance, excellence is an art that few master, and in that exclusive pantheon of leaders, Daxtor shines with unparalleled intensity. With a career that spans decades, Daxtor has set a standard for innovation and quality that redefined the industry banking.

Since our creation, Daxtor and the unmatched experience gained allow it to lead the technological forefront in the banking sector. Our experience translates into solutions with vision of the future and a deep knowledge of the changing needs of our clients.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence is reflected in everything we do. Each line of code, every design, every algorithm and every feature of our platforms banking is forged with the determination to offer the best.

We understand that each financial institution is unique. Therefore, our solutions are completely adaptable to the specific needs of your business. Whether it is a universal bank, an asset manager or a financial advisor, Daxtor has the solution.

Daxtor, has implemented top-of-the-line banking systems, we are the embodiment of excellence in the financial world. Our Banking systems are a fusion of security, innovation, efficiency and customer service that drives the success of financial institutions and meets changing customer needs. In a panorama where competition is fierce and expectations are high, an exceptional banking system is the key to standing out and lead the way to a successful and sustainable financial future.

Choosing the BANQPRO Suite: A Pillar for Financial Success

In our international banking or financial universe where financial decisions can make the difference between success and stagnation, choosing the best banking system BANQPRO becomes a critical factor influencing prosperity and stability economical.

Vanguard Security

BANQPRO is the foundation of any solid financial relationship. He best banking system guaranteeing unbreakable protection of your assets and data, giving you peace of mind and confidence in a digitally interconnected world.

Efficiency and Productivity

BANQPRO is the key to maximizing your time and resources. With our banking system, you can carry out transactions quickly and easily, reducing costs operational and improving productivity.

Continuous Innovation

BANQPRO is constantly evolving. Opting for BANQPRO will mean access the latest technology and the most innovative solutions, allowing you to be up to date cutting edge and adapt to changing market demands.

Adaptability to Your Needs:

BANQPRO adapts to your specific needs. Whether it is a universal bank, a specialized financial institution or an individual advisor, the best system is Flexible and customizable for you.

Legal Compliance

For BANQPRO, compliance with regulations is crucial. Us We rigorously adhere to regulations and standards, which protects you from legal risks and strengthen your reputation.

Informed Decision Making

Data-driven decision making is essential. BANQPRO you provides advanced analytics so you can make informed and strategic decisions.

Customer Service

Your experience as a customer is essential. BANQPRO offers impeccable customer service, demonstrating a genuine commitment to your needs and concerns.

Sustainable Growth

By choosing BANQPRO you are investing in your own sustainable growth. You will have the tools and confidence necessary to expand your operations and achieve new financial horizons.

Ultimately, choosing BANQPRO is not simply a decision, it is an investment in your financial future. It is the guarantee that you are taking measures to protect, grow and thrive in an ever-changing financial world.

Don’t settle for less than the best, because when it comes to your financial success, the choice Correct makes a difference. Choose wisely, choose BANQPRO.

Daxtor, a member of the international firm Best Vision Group, operates in the production of cutting-edge software solutions, outsourcing and consulting services, consisting of experienced and trained professionals with consolidated experience.

Daxtor Srl obtained the ISAE 3402, type II assurance report for the Application Maintenance services.

The growing challenges of the dynamic financial market have driven us to grow and expand internationally and diversify.

Our innovative development model stimulates us to continuously evolve and allows us to offer an increasingly wide range of qualified products and services.

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