SiClinic is the innovative electronic patient file, designed to manage in an organized way all the data related to his clinical history within precise operating circuits and to ensure the perfect continuity of his care path, with particular attention to risk management and medical and legal compliance of each activity.


SiClinic covers the entire life cycle of the patient’s admission, from booking, through acceptance, to hospital discharge and administrative closure, ensuring full traceability of each activity, verification and validation carried out by doctors and health professionals in patient care.


SiClinic with its advanced functionalities, allows to facilitate the task of the medical staff, thanks to the optimization of procedures and the integration of the entire spectrum of clinical data, related, in particular, to the therapies administered in the past and those to be administered for the future.


The SiClinic electronic patient record is designed to be very intuitive and immediate in its use. Thanks to the guided paths, structured in phases, it guarantees safety, full traceability and standardization of all the steps required by medical procedures.


SiClinic can be easily integrated with existing devices and can be customized to easily adapt to the needs of each health care facility, thus allowing it to provide hospital care and services in maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


Through SiClinic you can manage the patient in all phases of her or his hospitalization:

  • Data collection and service booking
  • Possible pre-hospitalization, hospitalization, pre- and post-operative hospitalization with a card dedicated to each clinical activity
  • Possible surgical intervention, with paths that guarantee the correct management of clinical risk
  • Discharge and documental verification of medical records

SiClinic represents innovation, is customizable and intuitive and allows you to optimize the patient’s path of hospitalization, allowing you to manage, for example:

  • 7-day clinical diary
  • Nursing folder (on 3 days and divided into shifts)
  • Anamness/objective examination
  • Anesthesiological Visit
  • Nursing Evaluation
  • Department transfer
  • Application of clinical protocols
  • Document Management (self-generated and/or acquired from files and scanners)
  • Therapy card
  • Medical remarks and requests for orders from doctors to nurses
  • Creating a hard copy on CD or flash drives.

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