We create value for our customers through innovation. We are the financial market benchmark for dealer/brokers, asset managers and Banks, because we provide the advanced platform for the modern finance.

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Daxtor Srl’s mission is to support our customers in creating value, targeted solutions and competitive advantage.

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Our values are expressed in putting people at the center with their characteristics, peculiarities and skills. An “happy” and motivated team is able to achieve extraordinary results, and extraordinary results is the key ingredient for our customers’ satisfaction.

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Our History

Daxtor Srl was founded in 2002 on the initiative of Werner Schwienbacher, a South Tyrolean entrepreneur with a great passion for software and deep experience in solutions for the financial world.

In the following years he formed a small team in San Martino in Passiria and developed his company by acquiring clients and establishing the Daxtor Srl brand in Brokerage Companies, until he decided, for his own personal purposes, to sell the company to the international group Best Vision, owned by Paolo Arioli, who acquired total control of Daxtor Srl in 2014.

From that moment on, the company moved from a familiar approach to an industrial approach, without losing sight of the advantages of speed and flexibility in delivering projects to customers.

In the years that followed, Daxtor Srl expanded its team and extended its offices to Milan, Florence and Rome, recognizing the strategic potential of each of the geographical areas and skills acquired.

The important results achieved and the continuity of its customers’ satisfaction are the confirmation of the right vision and support for the solidity of its own and its customers’ future.

San Martino in Passiria

Daxtor Srl’s team is made up of highly qualified people, who have extremely strong experience in the development of technological solutions in the financial, insurance and health care sectors.

The harmonious attitute and the continuous cooperation of the entire team has led PBOffice, the company’s flagship product, to constantly evolve and improve, so as to become the reference software for the entire financial sector.

Innovation and the desire to continuedly grow and to overcome its limits have led the company to its constant evolution.

The characteristic element of the entire Daxtor Srl team is the ability to listen to its customers. We believe that this is the only way to anticipate evolution and innovation in order to shape, as protagonists, the new way of doing finance.